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Open Heart, Open Mind

How many of us go through life making judgments on others?  We see the homeless person on the street and many people automatically think this person is a drunk, a drug addict, lazy.  We see the successful person and many people come to the conclusion that this person became successful due to nepotism, by doing illegal dealings, by negative means.  These are just two examples of just the simplest of perceptions can do so much damage when we are on a spiritual journey.

That homeless man could have a mental illness.  That homeless woman could have been abused and ran away from her situation with nowhere to go.  That teenager on the street could have been bullied and felt that this was his or her only way out.   That successful person, may have just truly believed in his or her own ability in order to be all that he or she could be.  The Universe sent more of what this person was sending out - the ability to believe in themselves. 

When I travel through different areas in my life, I take time to observe all my surroundings.  I still feel some fear deep down in certain areas, however, that is because of my ego kicking in and not my God-self.  The angels are with me always as they are with you.  Sometimes, we just forget to ask them for their protection. 

Take time to look at what many call a 'weed'.  Take a moment to look at the beauty of it, the veins in the leaves, the color of the flower or fluff that has come out on top.  To many it's a weed, to others it's a flower, to Source, it's His creation.  Take time to look at a stone or a rock.  Think of the pressure in the earth that was needed to create it in all its beauty.  Then get the rock wet and see the beauty from a different perspective.  It will change color, take on deeper hews and in a moment, that dull looking rock magically transforms into a true glistening magical creation of the most High. 

The challenge that I am setting out to each one of you is to stop making judgments on everything and everyone you cross in life.  Commit to just one day of non-judgment.  When you start to speak words of judgment on another, bite your tongue and think about what you are about to say.  Take time to monitor all the thoughts that come about a situation or a person and then let go of the judgment that  is forming in your thoughts before they become your words. 

When you open your heart, your thoughts, your words, you truly open your mind to a Higher level and become one step closer to achieving the true level of spirituality that you were all meant to achieve.

Blessings, love & light to you always,


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