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Pleasing Spirit - Life Lessons To Make You Stronger

As we wander through life, we have had many roadblocks, many stumbling blocks and many disappointments.   There are many questions that arise as we walk our path and at times it feels like the entire world is against us as we go through our transformation. 

This is simply an illusion that we, in our humanness, create.  Spirit does not want you to fail in your life. Spirit does not want you to be unhappy.  Spirit does not want you to live a pauper's life.   However, so many people blame God/Spirit/Universe or other people for the situations they are in and cannot get past.

It is time to sit down, take a look at all that has happened to you and discover two things about each situation.  Why did it happen and what was the lesson you learned from it?    As you look at the examples of pain, suffering or disappointment in your life, what do you see? 

I am going to present some different examples for you to give you a kick off point on life lessons from Spirit. 

Example 1 - You have been with the love of your life for many years, married, children and one day you wake up and that partner has left you for another person.  What could you have done to prevent this?  What could you have done differently?  Why were you not enough?  You were in love, totally and unconditionally for this person and you thought they felt the same way about you.  Why did they do this to you? 

Life Lesson - In almost all cases where this happens, there is nothing you could have done to prevent this.  It was not you who walked out of the marriage, it was your partner and all people have free will and free choice.  This was not your decision to make.

Lesson #1 - You cannot make the choices for another person as they have their own life path.  You may be hurt along the way, however you are not in charge of another person's actions. 

Asking what you could have done differently - this does not matter as you cannot change the past or what happened, so you let it go at this point.  Thinking you were not good enough is a self-esteem issue.  Women, moreso than men, go to this place when a partner leaves. This is a basic necessity of all people - to have their own sense of self-esteem and yet when our power is given away to another, we lose that.

Lesson #2  - Take back your power and be in charge of your own sense of self-esteem.  Know that it comes from within you first not from another person.

Why did they do this to you?  This is a huge question with a simple answer.  They did not do this TO you, they did it FOR themselves.  There are always two sides to this answer.  Their path changed or was pre-ordained by their actions.  However, even though you may not see it at the moment, this action has in many cases taken place in order to free you and allow you to grow to a Higher level.  There is a bigger blessing coming to you and if you had stayed with this person, your growth would have been stunted and your blessing postponed.

Lesson #3 - This action that occurred was in many cases, to remove someone from your life that was going to hold you back from achieving your Highest good.  You may not see it at the time it happens, however when you get a year or two down the road and look back, it will be as clear as can be.  When you can release the person that does this without anger, resentment or thoughts of revenge and you can let your emotional attachment go, you will see the truth of where you are going, how you re growing and what wonderful new adventure is in store for you.

Example 2 - You have applied for the perfect job. You believed that you were the best candidate based on your knowledge, what they were seeking, your experience and your skills.  You did everything you could to manifest this job and to be chosen as the perfect addition to the company.   The interview was perfect, you had an immediate connection with the Human Resources Manager.  You answered all the questions with confidence and ease.  You knew that you had this job in the bag. You were already envisioning your office and how you were going to spend that first pay check.  A week goes by, two weeks, three weeks and nothing. Then, you hear that someone else was hired. They were less qualified and less personable.  You ask "Why did this person get hired and not me?"  You are angry, hurt and knocked for a loop.  You don't understand.   You move forward.  A couple years later, you are still working for the same company however you hear that the company that did not choose you closed their doors and went bankrupt. 

Lesson #4 - Spirit prevented you from getting that 'perfect job' as Spirit knew the doors would be closing and you would be left out in the cold.  Spirit did not want you to have to worry about losing your house as the company closed so suddenly.  Spirt will intervene on situations that are not for your Highest good.  You may be angry at the time, however as time passes and things happen, you look back and see that Spirit loved you enough to help you move forward.  Whew - sigh of relief.

There is always a  reason for the negative actions that occur in our life, whether we attract them in with our thoughts, words and actions or whether it is to save us from a greater pain, or whether it is to allow us to access a Higher level of ascension.  Look again at some of the events of your life that did not meld with what you wanted at the time.  How did they change you?  What good came from them?  How have you moved forward for the better or are you still hanging onto the anger and bitterness? 

When something happens to each one of you, always know that Spirit is watching over you.  Spirit is holding your hand and helping to pull the detrimental parts of your life out of the way so the new and improved can come in.  It doesn't happen on your timeline, it happens on Spirit's timeline and that's okay.  When you are ready, in Spirit's eyes, you will have all that you want to have, be or do in your life.  Trust, believe and succeed.   You are worth it.

Blessings always

Sheri Baldwin

Soaring Free Spiritual Healing Centre

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