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Reading for You July 2012

I have decided to do a short reading for all of you who are on this spiritual journey. This is a reading which pertains to each of you, where you are, the path you’ve chosen and the decisions you will be facing in the near future. I hope you enjoy this as much as I enjoy sharing it with you.


As you venture on your spiritual journey, you are coming into a state of independence. If you are looking to others for vision or resources, it is time to look to yourself for this trek of your journey. Look deep inside and recognize all the wisdom you’ve acquired along the way. This wisdom should make you competent and capable of moving forward full of self-assurance.


Self-reliance is important at this time. When you depend too much on someone else as your source of answers, you lose that which you’ve already achieved. For those of you going into a partnership, be clear. Set your boundaries between you and your partner. When you are clear about who you are, where you are in life, you’re able to enter into the most wonderful relationships and will attract those people that mirror yourself. This is your time to thrive, to grow and to prosper. Your dreams are all achievable. You must believe in yourself and the rest will fall into place.


Do not be sorrowful about your life. Abundance in all areas is right around the corner. Quit comparing yourself to others. When you compare, it postpones that which is trying to get in. Your abundance is right there – just allow it to come.


Your Creator doesn’t want you to be full or sorrow and He doesn’t want you to feel alone. He is always right here with you. He sees you traveling to a place that is going to bring you complete harmony in life. This is a time to travel in your mind. Close your eyes and see you in that place that you long to visit however make sure you see yourself there in a state of complete peace and harmony. See yourself dancing, singing and playing like a child. This will bring a state of happiness and playfulness to where you want to be and your vision of it. When the vision feels real, it becomes real.


For those of you that feel totally stuck, the answer is so simple and so clear – stop clinging to the past and all the burdens you have carried forward from this life and previous lives, will melt like ice on a summer’s day. When you let go, all the weight in the world falls away and you are able to achieve anything you want. You move forward – not backward.


Spirit has said to integrate all the guidance and lessons you have learned from your past ‘mistakes’ and spirit uses the word ‘mistake’ in a positive essence. Mistakes are simply life lessons. You learn and you move on.


It is time to quit suppressing all that is holding you back. Sit in the silence of meditation and breathe. Let spirit, your angels, your guides, your totems and your healers clear all the negativity and when you come back from your silent sacred space time, you will feel as if you are going through a rebirth. The breakthroughs will be right in front of you and give you unlimited access to all the dreams that you never knew were possible to achieve. They will manifest so quickly for each and every one of you.


Slow down and look at what you are trying to control in your life. Let go. Control does nothing except create blocks to your spiritual completion. What you project out is what you are receiving back. If you are projecting out confusion, negativity, lack, you receive the same back. When you project happiness, security, love and life out, you receive that back. It’s very simple.


Some choose to make life so intense when it is just totally simple and once you figure out how to drop the intensity and just thrive with a go with the flow attitude driven by love, your life will flourish.


May you all have a wonderful July 2012.


If anyone would like a full personal reading or to participate in any of the online e-courses, please go to the Products page to place your order.


Blessings, love and light to you all.


Sheri Baldwin, RT


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