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Reiki - The Benefits of Giving and Receiving

What is Reiki?

* Rei:

Universal radiant energy, referring to the spiritual dimension of the soul.

* Ki: Vital life-force energy, which flows through all living things.


Together they are Universal life-force energy.


Reiki is a natural and gentle laying on of hands. This is a therapy that can be hands-on, hands-near or performed distantly for the client.


This ancient art is a non-invasive therapy used to channel healing energy. This holistic technique promotes balance, harmonization and relaxation in the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels of the individual. The physical body is surrounded by the aura (a weak electromagnetic field). The stresses of everyday life can cause this field to fall out of balance leading to illness and pain. Imbalances and energy blockages may manifest as psychological, emotional or physical disharmony. Reiki restores and rejuvenates health to your energy field. This treatment allows the energy to move along open meridian lines for increased well being. The energy can also be channeled into specific body locations of distress or pain to alleviate negative symptoms and return your body to a balanced state.


Reiki relieves pain, reduces stress and has been known to correct and treat common health problems such as arthritis, poor circulation, muscle tension, inflammation and emotional ailments. Common sensations felt during Reiki include: tingling, heat vibrations, and an energy movement and flow throughout your body. These sensations facilitate the body's natural ability to heal itself spiritually.


During a Reiki treatment, you can experience relaxation, inner peace, increased energy, vitality and empowerment.


What are the benefits of Reiki?



* accelerates your natural healing processes


* reduces the physical effects of stress and pain related conditions


* facilitates a deep state of relaxation in which your own healing wisdom is achieved


* strengthens your immune system and cleanses the body of toxins


* is an excellent companion and support system for treatment of most ailments


* brings all aspects of your health into harmonization and balance


* is about revitalizing your self-awareness, and taking a glimpse into your higher consciousness of self-discovery allowing you to experience your true essence of peace, wellness and joy.

I love receiving Reiki as much as I love doing a Rekie treatment.  It is calming for me. For me it is realiging my inner energies to a state of 'ahh' and being able to face the world again.  When I'm off kilter in my life, a Reiki treatment can put me back on the proper path for me and the challenges of the day, seem more like little hiccups than major catastrophies.  Again, for me it is just going back to that state of peace. 


Reiki treatments can be done in person or as a distant treatment.  No matter how it is done, the energy process is the same. You will receive the same amazing energy realignment no matter how a treatment is done.   At times when I do Reiki on an individual, I will receive messages from their guides and angels to give to them.  I love to share the visions I have and to hear about the visions they have while in that meditative state. 


For those wishing to learn Usui Reiki for themselves, become a practitioner or become a Master Teacher, teaching and attunements are available. This can be done in person or via distance as well.   What will you gain from becoming a Reiki practitioner or master?  When you receive your first attunement, you may sense a huge change in what your intuitive self receives.  Many report that their third eye opened up or a warm sensation throughout their body.  When I received my Master/Teacher attunement, the world opened up for me - third eye, kundalini, energy forces, and my hands became human furnaces at times.  It was life altering from the first attunement to the last.  


In July 2015 I decided to continue my Reiki studies to a different level.  I decided to take Medical Reiki Certification which was  taught by Raven Keyes from New York. She is the pioneer of bringing Reiki into the operating rooms with heads of the surgery departments in New York's Columbia Hospital. She works often with Dr. Feldman head of breast cancer and Dr. Oz when he was head of the heart surgery department. The training was intense and the protocols were taught for me to continue my healing work on a higher level than ever before.

For those of you that are considering trying this amazing wellness treatment, whether in person or distance, or for those that would like to learn who to do self-Reiki as well as Reiki on others, I would love to be your practitioner and teacher.  It is a blessing in life and your own holistic health is important. The mind, body and spirit should always be treated as being a priority in your life.


Sheri Baldwin

Soaring Free Spiritual Healing Centre






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