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Return to Your Inner Temple

It is time to stop destroying ourselves through negativity and worry.  Negativity breeds more of the same.  Worry breeds more of the same.  On a daily basis, we do so much of both of these.  We are here to make positive changes on this earth, however, before we can do that, we must release all negativity from our thinking, from our being.  We must not worry about tomorrow as there is too much effort being put into something that hasn't occurred yet.  What about today, this moment? 

Today, I want you to rediscover your true inner self by sitting in silence and taking a moment to study all the lessons that life has provided to you.  There are lessons which happen to us every single day, take a moment to sit quietly, think, ponder, and smile at the lessons you have learned. 

Today, this moment, you are to cease to worry or panic or imagine the worst of an event in your life.  You are attracting negativity again by doing this. Why are you putting so much effort in energy into something that hasn't even occurred?  When you do this, you bring more of this negative energy into your being, and, of course, the results are negative.  Release worry, release panic, release stress, and replace them with only thoughts of a wonderful positive outcome.

Return to your inner temple, your true inner self, and be in harmony with all about you.  Be at one with Source.  By doing this you will discover the richness in each and every step of your life.

Source wants only the best for you, as do I.

Namaste and blessings for today,

Sheri Baldwin

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