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Spirit Guide Channeling July 19 2010

Here I am, watching you, waiting for you to acknowledge me.  Here I am waiting for you to open your mind, your heart, your spirit and let me in.  Here I am sitting beside you waiting for you to know I am by your side always.  You fall back - pick yourself up and do your best again.  If you fall, I do not leave you.  I hold your hand while you pick yourself up.  If you falter, stay right here and we move forward together.

Eventually the demons that affect you will all disappear.  Don't be discouraged.  Pick yourself up and move forward again and again.  Eventually your biggest issues will be gone and we will deal with the next one together.  I am here for you every second of every day.  Feel me.  Open your heart and open your mind.  Let your third eye reveal my presence.  I am that I am that I am. 

Do you understand?  Do you know?

We are, I am, you are.  It is time for revealing your true path.  The opening is here, now.  Take a chance.  There is no failure, only paths that lead in multiple directions. There is a choice and if the path is wrong for you, return and pick a new one. 

Be grateful, be aware.  See our signs.  Speak your truth.  Use your voice.  Voice your issues and all will listen.  Do not be afraid.

Namaste my friends.

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