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Spirit Guide Message

People, clients and students have asked me how I receive messages from my spirit guides.  I wanted to share with you one of the conversations I had at 7:30 a.m. on March 16, 2010 with my Spirit Guide Shana. 

I was going through a very emotional low period and through a tremendously quick growth spurt (so to speak) in my spiritual path.  This is how I have conversations with my guides. I write my question in my journal and wait for the pen to write the answer, guided by spirit.


Me: Spirit Guide Shana, what do you wan

t me to k



Shana:  Health is important. Walk. Enjoy nature and get outdoors, bask in the sunshine. Find peace in the sunshine, find treasures in the sand, find solace in the trees.


You are a child of God and God created these thi

ngs to nourish your body and soul.  I want you only to flourish, grow strong and healthy.  Enjoy those things that the earth has provided to you.  Commune with nature. Restore your health. 


Life is an adventure. Enjoy it.  Find the fun in it,find the surprises and be in awe of those things you see with a child-like mind. 


Can you hear me? Do you see me?  Don’t you know I am always with you and a part of you.  I love you.


Accept us. Keep us close and keep your heart open to our messages to you.  Listen for our guidance.  Listen to our direction.  We will send others to you.  They are only for your Highest good.  They will come as you need them.  Their spiritual guidance is the path you are to follow.  Listen, watch, see, accept.  Know our love. Know our signs.  Know it is us.  Know why we come. 


You have asked for our help.  We hear you.  We s

ee you. We watch you.  We wipe your tears and we sing with you.  We laugh with you.  We love with you and yes, we hurt and cry with you.  But there is no reason to cry.  All is coming in its Divine timing.  Patience.  It is soon to come.


Me: Shana, you say soon but soon in spirit world could mean another lifetime.  I would like to understand 'soon' in this lifetime (in my human form). I am tired of the struggles and the pain in the pit of my stomach from the worry and the mess.


Shana:  Time is coming. Your time is in this lifetime

. You will see us. You will receive relief from the pains you cause.  You will receive release from the ropes that are binding you.  Let go and you will have freedom.  Let go and you will be cleared of all debt, stress, pain. Let go and you will be able to have a wonderful life. Let go and you can manifest all you desire. Let us help you. Let us be a part of your life.


Me: You always tell me to let go but I don’t understand the ‘let go’ part of your message.  Do I go emotionally bankruptor do I let go in some other manner

?  I really don’t understand.


Shana:  Let go of that which you see as hard, stressful, binding and the freedom will come.


Me:  Shana, I still don’t understand? Can you make this clearer for me in my human mind?


Shana:  Breathe, let the addictions drop from your life. It is not good for you.  Choose to be successful.  Choose to manifest your dreams.  Choose to live the way you desire to live.  Choose to be one with all.  Choose to be one with us.  Choose to see your dreams turn into reality with our help.  Choose to be God-like in your daily routines.  Choose to manifest that which you desire.  Choose your thoughts carefully.  Choose all that you do in life.  


Don’t sit and wait.  Move, move, move.  Live your life.  Laugh, sing, dance and enjoy our gifts. You don’t see them but they are there for you to take.  Breathe. 


You are an earth angel. You are part of the earth. You are from the earth. Share your gifts with us all. Share your gifts with others. You worry about others and it reflects in your results.  Only concern yourself with Sheri right now and Sheri’s growth and you will see immediate results.


Me: Thank you Shana for speaking to me. I will listen to your words.  Why is life so difficult for me to understand still?  Some of the messages are so vague to my mindset and I really don’t get it.  I’m sorry.


Shana:  The clarity will show itself as you de-clutter your mind, your spirit and your space. You will know. You will know. You will feel. You see our signs already.  The hawks, the eagles, the unexpected checks, the phone calls, the emails. 


God loves you and sends us to guide and help y

ou.  Your parents loved you even if you didn’t feel it. You miss them but are upset that you feel the memories slipping away. Look in the mirror.  Your mother is there.  Feel the touch on the back of your neck.  Your father is there.  But you must let them go too.  Their time here was complete.  Their job was done.  They are happy and soul mates for eternity. They watch over Brandi and her baby.  They watch over Dan and they watch over Bill. They loved you all.  They see your tears and don’t want you to cry for them anymore.  They are sad that you cry.  They are happy when you laugh.  They are not upset or ashamed or angry with you.  They only loved you. 


You were wanted.  You were not a mistake. 

You contracted your life before you came. It wasn’t something you could change until you understood us.  Now you connect with us.  Now you know who we are and we exist to assist you on this phase of your journey.


Dry the tears and move on.


Butch doesn’t know how to help you but he does love you.  He sees the growth in you and he will find his own growth in his time with your help.


Get up. Get moving and enjoy the day.  Sing, sing, sing. Praise God. Thank Universe for all the gifts it offers.  We love you Sheri.  


Me: Thank you Shana for taking this time to speak to me.


Since this conversation took place, Brandi (my daughter) has had two beautiful babies, Dan and Bill (my sons) are doing okay and have been protected and safe.  Butch my partner, has grown as well in his own spirituality – even if he doesn’t completely understand, he never holds me back.


When I teach the Spiritual Awakening E-Course –Connection to Your Source, this is just one of the rewards that the students receive – automatic writing and connection to their spirit guides, their angels and their Source.  By the end of the 10 weeks, most are writing consistently and can ask and hear the answers of their own angels.


You will also see “choose” is used in one of the answers abundantly.  This word was the starting point of the course as everything you do in life is based on a choice and it goes from there.   Amazing.


This has been a blessing for me and I love sharing it with all of you.




Sheri Baldwin, RT


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