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Spirit In Nature

When you are out in Nature you will feel things, see things and re-energize your life, however, you must be aware and open to receive. If not, nothing happens.  Life simply flies by and the little things that bring awe and healing energy do not have a chance to connect to you.

I would like you to meet a friend of mine.   He is often out in the creek or across at the edge of the Provincial Park that is next to us, however as I walked down the road, there he was, sitting within feet of me.  He was standing still and almost looked like one of the metal statues that so many have in their gardens.  Had I been in a hurry, I would have walked right by him and the beauty of what he was bringing to my day.   Had I not been open and breathing at the time, open to receive some positive energy, I would not have seen him even though he was only a few feet away.

Spirit is alive in Nature. Spirit is Nature. Spirit is You and Me.  We all have Spirit within us however at times we forget to just stop and enjoy the simple things.  Lives have become hectic and riddled with pain. Lives have become hard and we are watching so much suffering in our world, whether with people, weather events, destruction, crime, wars and loss of those we love.   It is time to take back our power and bring peace to our inner spirit in order to heal.  It is not difficult to do, however, as humans we have put ourselves on the back-burner of life and allowed others to slowly pick away at our peace and our inner power.

I have slacked off on myself lately because I allowed the outside world to overwhelm me.  I was becoming short-tempered and angry and couldn't figure out what was going on inside myself.   I had just finished a justice tribunal for something that happened when I was a child, which involved a lot of my emotional energy. There were many tears, re-living pain and even though it was successful in the end, I could not move forward.   I did not take the proper steps to recharge and release after. Thus, it ran me down to the point that I had to just stop life for a bit and recoup.  There were days that I did not want to get out of bed or function as it felt like the safest place to be. However, I knew this was not the life I was meant to be living.  I forced myself to reconnect with my inner Spirit and simply allow the answers of 'what's next' to come.

I am back, I am here and I am working again.   I have a renewed energy and have made some great decisions as to the direction I will be taking things in the future.  I feel alive again!  And all it took was that one walk in Nature, with an open heart and open mind, releasing the negative with every step and breathing in the positive and beauty in place of it.

When you are in turmoil, that is the best time to get yourself out in Nature and simply be in the moment.   When you can't find clarity, Spirit will bring answers to you while you spend time in Nature. It may not be all that you seek, however it will be a start. Be patient with the process and know that you walk, one step at a time and that is how Spirit works with you ...  one step at a time.

Blessings to you always

Sheri Baldwin

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