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Spread A Smile Challenge

I have been kept awake again tonight by the voices in my soul.  Spirit has led me to ask you all to spread a smile today.  This is such a simple request.

The first person you come in contact with today, smile, say hello and silently send them a blessing.  It does not matter if you know this person, it does not matter if this person is a friend or an enemy.  All that truly matters is the effect that this will have.

Even the most miserable (or seemingly miserable) person can have their inner switch changed by the smile and kind word of a stranger.  You don't know what is going through another person's head when you cross their path.  They could be having a wonderful day or it could be the worst day of their life and they could be considering life ending alternatives.

A smile is the simplest act that you can do.  It costs nothing, it's free and it will lift your spirit each and every time you use it.  Saying hello is a verbal confirmation that you are acknowledging another in a positive manner.  Again, it's so simple and it's free.

The ultimate part of this challenge is the silent blessing you send to each person.  The blessing can be as simple as "Thank you Source for this beautiful soul that I have just said hello to, bless them as they go throughout their day".  You don't need to complicate this or make it harder than the simple act that it is. 

This is our chance to have a life changing effect on this world, one person at a time.  If just one person's demeanor is changed by what we do, then this challenge has been a success. 

We CAN change this world.  We CAN change our planet.  We CAN take so much of that negative energy and replace it with positive energy through our actions.  We CAN make this earth a more harmonious place for us to co-exist.  We CAN spread our message of love, one person at a time, one soul at a time.

Blessings to you all, namaste


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