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Spring - A Time to Remove Clutter

Spring is here and it is a time that many people do spring cleaning.  To some that means picking up sticks and litter from their yard.  To others it is working in their garden.  To many it is cleaning their house, garage or shed - inside and out.

The one area that is missed by so many and is one of the most important areas to clean up, is the clutter that exists in their inner soul, their mind, their heart and their life.  This is your time to remove the unnecessary garbage that is holding you back from achieving your true potential.  This is your time for taking out the emotional trash or emotional garbage.  That baggage that you have kept with you through the years - toss it out! 

Negative energy or negative clutter will keep you stuck in the same place and is detrimental to your ability to move forward.  When you are in a mode of forward motion, unfortunately your personal clutter will drag you back to where you started over and over again.  It is very difficult to move forward when the things of the past are hanging onto you. 

I think of it this way.  Picture a room where the floor is covered with garbage,  toys, shoes, clothes, books, chairs, bags, etc.  Now you are in the far edge of the room and need to make it through the room and into another space.  This room is filthy and cluttered.  Think about how difficult it is to maneuver from the room you are in to the next one without stepping on anything.  Think about how this cluttered mess makes you feel.  To many it is frustrating and to some it is depressing and then there is that one in a million that just doesn't care and walks all over everything to get out. 

Now picture that same room done in a Feng Shui setup.  Nothing is on the floor, furniture is properly placed.  There is a waterfall in the corner with plants, rocks and peaceful music around it.  How does this make you feel?  You can move in and out of the room without any distractions, without stepping on anything, without having to work your way around anything.  This room smells fresh, everything is polished and clean.

This is what happens inside of each one of us.  We carry negative things from the past that are no longer serving us into our present day living.  Remember - you CANNOT change the past, it is done.  Reliving the past only brings anger, hurt, frustration, revenge, spite and a whole other range of negative emotions to you.  It is time for each one of us to do our own personal spring cleaning. 

People detox their physical body however so many never detox their mind, their heart and their soul.  It is so important to clear yourself of anything that no longer serves you whether in the physical realm or the inner emotional realm.  Clutter can stop you in your tracks and you will never achieve your true potential.

Take time today to at least start the letting go process.  Let go of the past.  Let go of the hurts and abuses.  Let go of the addictions.  Let go of everything in your life that does not serve you.   I challenge each and every one of you to clear up your inner being just as you would do to your outer environment.

I would love to know what changed in your life after doing this. 

Namaste, love & light to all, Sheri Baldwin, RT

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