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Step by Step

Have the wisdom to allow time to achieve goals without judgment and impatience.  Live each step of life filled with love.  Let go and stop trying to control everything. The richness of each event or circumstance lies in  its creation rather than its result. Live in the present moment, this step in life, to the fullest knowing that your soul is forever rising higher and higher to embrace the Light.

I was very fortunate to spend 3 wonderful days with Mandaza Kandemwa. For those of you who don't know who Mandaza is, he is a Svikiro (A traditional healer who works as a spirit medium and embodies ancestral spirits.  These spirits give advice and strengthen one's connection to their ancestors and their gifts).  He is also Mhondoro (one who is in constant prayer for others).  Mandaza is from Zimbabwe, Africa and lives in a small house where his wife and him have taken in 36 orphans, most who's parents passed from HIV/Aids.  He is such a gifted person and when in his presence you laugh, smile, learn and receive so much.

He gave me a wonderful session as soon as I arrived on the first day with messages which made something that has been so complicated in my life, become so simple.  He too, gave me the message that many doors will open and each was a step higher and towards something better. 

During his stay and healings, I would take turns with my new-found friend, Susan, greeting or scribing for him.  When I scribed, it was hard at times, not to burst out in tears from the pain of some of the people that came or the joy that he was sharing or the messages.  And then a certain message he would give someone would click and I'd go "that's the same thing I'm going through".  Afterwards, he told me that I was scribing for the ones that I needed to be in there for.  Susan was scribing for the ones she needed to be in there for.  He just knew that spirit would send us in when we needed to be there and it did. 

Every adventure in our life, every moment, every day, is a new step. We must continue to live our life with these steps, always looking at the lesson to be learned in each step.  What did I learn from this step I have taken today?

When we accept that spirit is leading us in these steps and putting opportunities before us, the opportunities will come more frequently.  It is what we do with each of these opportunities that is our lesson in life.  There is a special lesson in everything that happens however so many times we try to complicate things or over think things (which unfortunately is from our school system or upbringing of central society).  Think it through we were always told.  So now we think, we question, we think some more and then question our self and the what if's come into play. 

Spirit's message is simple, it is not complicated.  Our growth and journey towards the light is simple, it's not complicated.  Why do we make it that way?  Embrace your past, no matter how horrific you feel it was, embrace it, hug it, love it and release it to that Higher Source. 

Each step is taking you further into your enlightenment.  Each step is bringing you to a higher level of peace and knowing and Light.  Life is like a ladder.  This ladder is very wide at the base where it sits on the ground and goes to a point when it reaches God.  As you climb each step towards enlightenment (or your Heaven) the steps become narrow as you have learned many of your "huge" lessons at a young age.  When you accept that this is life, this is a lesson and you can release all and love it, you climb another step.  The next lesson will be easier to understand, so simple and this will continue throughout your human life span. 

Source is with you each step of the way.  Source does not leave you, your spirit guides, angelic messengers, animal totems, guardian angels, do not leave you.  They can never intervene unless you ask them for help so speak to them often, thank them for being a part of your life.  Thank them for making your steps easier and thank them for the lessons you have learned and the lessons you are still to learn.

Don't rush through your life.  You can embrace the Light - step by step.

Namaste and blessings to all,


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