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Stuck ? Clear The Clutter

My life is running in reverse right now - or so it seems.  My energy is low and it is affecting my health.  I took the time to sit today and ask my guides, "What am I missing here?  I have been doing what you asked, helping others, being there for those that need me and working towards my goals and my Highest good.  Why are these things hitting me right now to knock me down again?" 

The answer I received was eye opening and so simple.  "Sheri, it is time to clear the clutter so you can move forward again."

Clutter is one of those things that can hold us back, that can take us in reverse or just put a wall up in front of us so we don't achieve our true Higher potential.  Clutter is not necessary your outside space.  When you have clutter in your soul or your mind, you actually stop the flow of your inner consciousness from coming through clearly and for your best benefit.  You can put yourself in a space where you are going in reverse and not realize it.  You can stop the flow of manifesting, achieving and moving in the right direction.  You create walls that are hard to break down.  You create barriers that seem impossible to break through however during this time, you are not necessarily aware of them.

This is where I have been at this past month.  I set some goals and if something got off track on one or the other, it was affecting how the next day, the day after and the day after that would go.  They affected me from a very deep level as when I fell off track on one area, I became that train wreck that was completely off track.  Was this created by outside circumstances?  No it was not. It was created by me and what I had allowed to seep into my reality.  Remember that I alone am responsible for my reality.  I am responsible for what I allowed to seep in and what I allowed to affect me.  I am responsible for not releasing the negativity or those things that set me off kilter.

So today, I sit, and purge and cleanse.    The first exercise I did for myself was to sit in silence and listen to my heart and in order to stop the rambling thoughts, I concentrated on my breath, breathing in love, breathing out clutter.  I placed an aura of love around me after a bit by simply breathing in love and breathing out love.  Today I dug deeper into my subconscious and released all that does not serve my Highest good.

It is work, however I know with complete certainty that  the process works

The negativity of the last couple of months in our world has been overwhelming at times and not shielding myself from the energy has been my downfall of late.  I have opened a door inside of me and allowed too much to come in.  Today, I have purged it all out and reinstalled Archangel Michael's cloak of protection around me to prevent this energy from entering my system again.  I feel lighter inside. I feel enlightened and yes, I feel clearer in my mind, soul and spirit.  I am clearing the clutter today and it is all good.   Today I breathe clearly and my energy begins to rise again. 

Where are you stuck in your life? Are you being pulled down right now?  Are you in that train wreck or sinking ship?  It's time to take that all important "ME" time to allow yourself time to recharge and heal.  Today is important.  The more work you do on yourself, the more you can do for others. 

Blessings to all

Sheri Baldwin

Soaring Free Spiritual Healing Centre

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