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Success and Path to Happiness & Life

On Sept 2 2010,  I had a brief message from my spirit guide which I'd like to share with you.

The way to succeed is clear now.  It is through belief in yourself and your abilities.  The path to happiness is not through following someone else, it is by your own creation.

The path to life is what you choose and where you take it.  No one can force you down the road you do not choose to go. 

You have your own mind, your own heart and your own rights.  You know what is right for you and when the opportunities come, you must take them or they may forever be gone.

Are you living to your fullest potential or are you sitting on the sidelines waiting and watching?  Go through that door and don't be afraid of the outcome.  So many people remain in a job, because it's secure or because it's safe, however find no enjoyment or fulfillment from what we are doing.  This feeling flows over into your personal life, your home life and your aura becomes that of doom and gloom. 

I see this pattern emerging of getting up, coffee, work, home ... but no happiness, no smiling, no laughing, no living.  They are compensating their happiness with materialism and things but they are not truly happy.  How many people do you know that are now on antidepresants or drink to take off the edge of the day or just come home, sit in front of the tv or computer and become a vegetable.  I see it all around me, rich or poor, status in life doesn't matter.  Heck, I was one of them for a long time until I walked away from a secure job over two years ago.  Yes, my lifestyle changed dramatically.  Yes, my emotional state changed dramatically - went from 'what the heck did I do' to 'I am truly at peace now and starting to do something I love'.

What a great thing to have that big house, that boat, that new car, trips, etc. but you can also realize all these things once you start doing that which you love.  It may not be tomorrow and it may not be immediate, but as soon as you let go of the expectation of 'gotta have it' or 'never going to get it', life will change and those things that you truly desire in your life will start to show up.  The money or object that you are affirming that you'd like as part of your life - it will come.  But not until you absolutely let go of the worry or attachment you have to obtaining whatever it is.

Love each day.  Wake up and thank the Higher power in your life for all that you do have.  Be thankful fthat you were able to wake up and see a new day.  Be thankful for all that has come into your life. Look around you - everyone has something to be thankful for.  When you truly put your heart into it, you will start your day with peace and joy. 

When you pass that stranger on the street, or in a store or workplace, say hello to them and do it with a smile.  You may just uplift someone that's down and change the outcome of their day.

Be in a state of gratitude for all you do, even the simple everyday things that you take for granted.  Always be thankful for your day right before you went to bed.  If you continue this practice, you will notice a great mood change, an attitude change which will allow for a better sleep and a better life.



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