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Super Wolf Blood Moon - Effects & Energy

Are your emotions on edge right now? Does it seem like someone is pulling at you from beyond? Does it feel like your head is going to explode?

Do not fear. The effects we are having at this time are temporary.

You may have seen several postings calling the full moon eclipse that is going to happen on January 20 2019 or January 21 2019 (depending where on this planet that you live).

Full moons have been known to have several different types of energy on people. Hospitals tell stories of patients getting very restless or the emergency ward becomes overwhelmingly busy with a lot of what they deem as mental issues. However, it passes within a day or so. So are they calling it right?

The full moon’s energy can knock some people off their feet. Others are empowered and energized. Many will set their crystals out under the light of the full moon to allow that full bright energy to cleanse and recharge them (note, the crystals never truly lost their charge or energy).

For me the full moon is a mixed blessing. I feel the energy as many of you do, migraines show up for a few days prior and about one day after, however this month, this lunar eclipse full blood moon is powerful in so many ways.

This moon has also been referred to as a full blood super wolf moon. Now this is the most powerful moon that you are going to experience this year.

The full moon alone has strong energies however when this moon occurs, this lunar eclipse (which is where the word blood moon comes from as the moon will appear red to the human eye when going through the eclipse process), the energies are going to be amplified. When they call it a super moon it means that it is in its closest orbit to the earth. The astrologers receive many messages during this period. And the word wolf is now in this picture. All that refers to is the Indigenous people, refer to the first full moon in each year as a wolf moon. Nothing special or magical. Just that it’s the first opening for their spirits (many which are based on creatures – buffalo, wolf, eagle, etc). to have a strong and powerful connection with them.

Thus when you hear someone say, this weekend there is going to be a full blood super wolf moon, it is simply saying that all energies are in alignment and it is a gift to experience. It truly is a blessing and you should embrace the energy that comes with it, never fear it.

An exercise to do prior to the eclipse in your area, simply stand for a few minutes, make sure your feet are fully and flatly planted on the ground. If you are able to, and it’s not 30 below zero, stand barefoot on the ground (not on cement) for a few moments, open your arms, close your eyes and allow your face to be towards the moon and just absorb all the energy it has to offer you. Breathe slowly and consciously and if you have any questions, this is an excellent time to ask them. Ask your greater guides to bring the answers to you. Keep breathing slowly and consciously and simply allow the energy to embrace you, to strengthen you and to cleanse all the negative vibes out to the ethers. You may feel tired after, or you may feel refreshed. Either is perfect because it is individual to you.

I would love to hear your experience with this event happening this weekend.

Blessings to you always and enjoy this lunar eclipse. It is a special event.

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