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The Search

Are you feeling lost, lonely, confused, questioning yourself, your life and what is happening in the world?

These are very different times that we are experiencing right now.  The days are forever changing, our lives are forever changing.  Our lives can be compared to the four seasons of the year, spring, summer, fall, winter and the cycle repeats over and over, no matter how many years past, the cycle continues.

At the present, we are experiencing a winter season. Yes, I know in reality it is fall right now, however, this is your inner season, your inner life feelings.  Many of us feel that life has become dreary and it feels as if everything in our life has come to a halt.  Some of you may be feeling lonely or confused and it feels as if you have lost your way. 

Have you ever been struggling with a question, searching for answers that just do not appear to you, or are not clear to you?  Do you want to know why?  Are you longing for new inspiration?

You may say to your Source, my passion and excitement for life has disappeared.  Where did it go?  When will it return?  Will it ever return?  What is wrong with me? 

Spirit sends this answer.  Your love of life, your passion, your excitement, your drive for a fulfilled life will all be returning to you soon.  Oh no you scream, there is that word 'soon' again.  I hate that word.  In spirit world, this word could mean tomorrow or it could mean lifetimes away.  Spirit world has no sense of time, God has no sense of time as the cycle goes in circles and we live, we grow, we pass and we live again, just as the cycles of seasons go full circle and repeat. 

Remember that spring always follows winter.  Summer always follows spring.  Fall always follows summer and winter always follows fall. 

Quit searching for the answers that are coming further down the road.  Search only for those answers that are here right now in this moment.  You are in your winter phase however you are longing for the spring to get her right now.  When you do this, you miss the beauty that also comes with the winter season, you miss the love that Heavenly Father put into all the seasons for us to enjoy.  That is why he created each season with it's unique qualities.  Look for the uniqueness in each and every season, each and every day.  Look for the answers in the present moment, not in the season that hasn't arrived yet.  It is there.  Believe in the season that is here right now.  Do not admonish it because you want a different season to show up in your life.  Embrace it with all you have.

Very soon the light will shine upon you and a new cycle will begin, full of new hope and ideas, new inspirations, new loves of many kinds.  Don't miss it however by focusing on the future seasons.  You do not know what this current one holds for you, you do not know what life has in store for you and if you focus too much on the future, you will miss the many blessings that are here right now. 

Close your eyes and sit for a moment.  Focus on your breath, in and out, deeply and slowly.  Slow down your thoughts and focus on the now as this moment is truly the only moment that exists at this time. 

While you are in your brief meditative time, make the following affirmation to yourself:  All is well in my life.  I give thanks for the changing seasons.  In solitude I grow stronger and wiser.  My mind is clear.  My heart is open.  I am always on the right path.  God is my Source and He will always hear me as long as I stay in this moment and don't try to push Him out by jumping ahead to the new season before it arrives. 

Namaste and blessings to you always.

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