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Turning Intention Into Reality

In December I started a series on Manifesting Your Best 2014.  The blogs continued through each month with another step or action to take in order to accomplish that list that was created in the first blog.

The above picture is my biggest proof that the system works.  It is proof that you need to let go of those fears and doubts that things are beyond your reach and just allow it to happen.  This vehicle is on my vision board - same color, same wheels.  It was one of my bigger 'intentions' which I had put on the board.  And now it is a reality. 

The reason I show this is to impress upon each and every one of you that your dreams and intentions for your life are not completely out of reach.  It is to impress upon you that YOU can have, be or do anything that you allow yourself to come into your life.  And yes there is another lesson with this - getting out of your own way as we all tend to be the biggest blockers of those things that we desire coming in.

I want to go back to December.  New vision board was created and list.  I always create boards with the true pictures of my intentions as it gives me an understanding of what I intend for my life that I can see with my human eyes and not just my mind's eye. 

When I created this board, I had many areas which I covered on here.  Health, well being, love, material, spiritual, etc. And I allowed myself to dream big.  I didn't limit myself on here by saying 'That's impossible, how can you achieve this or that on you're income?"  I allowed everything in my heart to come out on the piece of paper I was working with. 

Every day as I walk by the board, I say "Thank you Universe for bringing my intentions into reality.  Thank you for allowing me to experience these new adventures in my life".   I didn't know how it was going to happen, I didn't know when, I just knew it was and I was confirming it with Source.   

I do want you to know, however, that I almost halted this whole procedure as "I" wanted to control how it happened and not let Source take charge and do it in the way that was simpler.  "I" was standing in my own way.  "I" thought I had to work hard, do everything step by step and almost walked away from the whole deal as "I" was making this process so much more difficult than it was meant to be.  "I" did not just trust it would all work out in the best way possible and it would work out as Source directed - the easy way.  "I" was creating the walls, the blocks and "I" was giving myself the problems of stress over this process. 

Who is "I" ?   Well "I" is EGO - (Edging God Out) and that was exactly what I was doing.  I was edging God out of the process because I thought I could do it without taking into consideration God's easier way.  My human mind started with the doubts - how will I pay for this, what if the calls don't come in, what if ....   My human mind was getting in my way of achieving this next dream. 

Next step, sit and breathe.  Quiet the human mind (the ego) and replace it with God's love and compassion and knowing that Source is a Source of unlimited abundance not a Source of lack.  It was my human mind kicking in the lack.  I had to step back and breathe several times during this process until the peace finally filled me and I would allow it to happen. 

In the same way, each one of you has an ego that stops you from achieving many of your bigger goals or intentions.  Questions, doubts and fears all are created by ego and not of God.  God is pure love.  The saying 'well if I wasn't meant to have it then it won't happen" is wrong.  You are meant to have whatever is in your dreams however you must get out of your own way and allow it to happen. 

Each one of you is a blessing to me and I want you to start realizing that you are also a blessing to yourself.  Once you change this mindset, all will change for the better.   By the way, the man in the green shirt and baseball cap is my husband, who also was on my vision board - we married on New Year's Eve 2013.  The process works - all you need is belief in yourself and the power of the Most High.


Sheri Baldwin

Soaring Free Spiritual Healing Centre

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