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Unconditional Love

Here we are at the beginning of the fall/winter season.  Throughout these past few months, as well as the past few years, we have seen chaos around the world.  We have watched as countries fight for their rights, leaders are overthrown and leaders are murdered.  We have watched the people celebrate when the dictatorship ends, when the leader is killed, when the communistic reign comes to an end.  We have watched Mother Nature stir up many nations with floods, earthquakes, volcano eruptions, tsunamis, fires and all with such an alarming vengeance.  War never ends, rage never ends, disasters never ends, murder never ends.  How are we expected to survive the next few months, let alone the coming years? 

There is a very simple answer to this, however, it is the most difficult goal for anyone to achieve.  Unconditional love.  Many people say that they love everyone, however, is it true? Is it real?  Is it unconditional?  Many people say, "I love so and so but..." That is not unconditional. 

Unconditional love is when you see God's light in everyone.  You see beyond the outer appearance, beyond the personality, beyond the faults, and feel compassion for all your brothers and sisters, not just the selected ones that you feel are deserving. 

Unconditional love means judging no one and only accepting them as they are.  However, you would say, how can I love a murderer, a rapist, a molester, a husband or wife who cheated, a friend that betrayed me?  It is so simple, and yet so difficult for so many.

God placed us all on this earth, good and evil, with and without faults.  Yes he placed the murder here, the rapist, the betraying spouse, the hurtful friend.  We all had a choice when we came.  The murderer - was he born a murderer? Not necessarily.  He may have been abused, he may have watched another parent or peer do the same or lived in the situation that imbedded his thoughts and mind of how life is and how he should be.  However, God still placed him here.  Can we get past his sins?  It's not up to us to judge someone's sin - only God has the right to judge anyone. 

When we can get past our own feelings of how life should be for this person or that, only then, can we have unconditional love for all.  Do not judge anyone, but accept all as they are.  Reach deep inside you and feel unconditional love for everyone without expecting anything whatsoever in return.  (This also seems to be difficult.  We expect just because we are nice and loving that the other person should reciprocate and we are so disappointed when they don't and then we turn against them without realizing that unconditional love means without conditions.)

Take a minute with each person that crosses your path today to look deep and discover the divine in each and every one of them.  Take a minute to join your soul with theirs and through this you will grow together in universal love.  It is such an easy thing to do.  Block out your own ego (edging God out) and bring God into your heart as you do this exercise and spread unconditional love to one person at a time. 

We may not change the world in a day, but we will change the world one person at a time, one day at a time. 

Your affirmation each morning should be:  I will see beyond the outer, the personality, the faults of at least one person today and send them unconditional love as God does to me.  I will expect nothing in return however I will know that sending this person unconditional love will help to change the world, one person at a time.

Namaste and blessings to all, Sheri

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