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Unlimited Abundance

What does Unlimited Abundance mean to you? Is it in relation to love, money, material things, food, job, travel, health, life? Each one of us has our own definition and ideas when it comes to unlimited abundance.

Recently I watched an Unlimited Abundance webinar and it dealt with 25 different blocks that prevent us from achieving what our dreams are. My version of unlimited abundance would be 'achieve and receive'. As I sit in my sacred room today, I can feel the breath of spring blowing in through the window, I can hear the birds singing and I can feel God's love all around me and through me. He wants me to achieve and He also wants me to receive. So what is the problem? Why has it not happened?

Now I know the answers. Now I know what to look for in me and what I need to release and clear to let that abundance come into my life. As a child I heard repeatedly, 'we don't have enough money, we're saving for a rainy day, we need to see if it's on sale' or different versions of the negative aspects of money. Something else that I heard quite often was about whenever people got money they changed from being a nice person to a horrible person. They were deceitful and tight and so on and so on. All these messages throughout childhood that cling deep in the subconscious of my mind. These were only some of the blocks that were keeping me from my receiving. I was definitely achieving through my life, just never receiving.

When I was in my thirties, working full time, had a family of my own, I bought a Mustang convertible. It was by no means an expensive car - I paid approximately $1,800 for it. It was older, however, I absolutely loved it. The first words out of my mother's mouth were, 'What did you waste you money on that for?' It took all the wind out of my sails and I was never able to truly enjoy that car again and shortly afterwards traded it for a 'practical' car that cost over $10,000 more. So here I was, giving up a dream (the car was one of them) and going into debt to fit into the label that my parents had put into my head.

I realize now how much their words affected me. I also realize that only I can release them and change things. When going through the 25 abundance blocks, I thought to myself, now I understand, now I truly get it. For those of you unfamiliar with them they are:

clearing resistance, clearing doubt and fear clearing the fear of change, clearing money zapping decisions, clearing fear of growth, clearing fear of success, clearing fear of rejection, clearing fear of numbers, clearing indecision, clearing feeling stuck, getting clear on your values, getting clear on the future, clearing clutter, clearing family blocks, clearing blame, discover the ultimate you, generate your future self, turning blocks into profits, clearing self sabotage, clearing lack of self worth, clearing your financial mess, clearing financial illusions, clearing the fear of scarcity, clearing blocks to welcoming abundance and clearing your uncertainty.

Take a moment to read these over and how many of them, just from reading the short statement about each, do you fit into? How many of these can you relate to without knowing any other information about them?

When I truly looked at my life, I now, without a doubt, knew what my blockages in life were and why I made the decisions that I did. Well, my friends, I am now a mature adult and my life is doing a complete 360 as I release the blocks that have been holding me back. When I took that first step and made a commitment to myself and to deplete and remove each block that is affecting me, my world started to change and it is changing for the better.

This is a wonderful time in our lives and each step we take will affect what comes to us in the future. Also, never forget to watch your words around the younger generation. They hear what you say and it gets embedded into their subconscious and truly does affect them as adults. There has been far too much negativity in our world and you can see it by way of failures, bankruptcies, wars, crime, divorces, abuse, poverty. We are the change for this world and we begin by changing our own world and letting it trickle down and out to others.

Namaste  my friends.


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