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What is Your Path and Why Did You Choose It?

As I progress through my life, I have asked myself many times, what is my path, what is my soul purpose. I have received my answer over the past few years however the clarity of it continues to increase daily.



My path was not chosen BY me - at least not on this earthly level. My path was chosen FOR me before I came to be in this lifetime.


Each time we return to our human body experience, our soul knows what we are here to learn, to teach and to share. We, in our human form may not be as intuitive about this in the beginning of our lifetime, however, if we truly listen to our inner voice, if we truly let Source speak to us, the path will and does come through.


Our collective soul purpose is to make this world a better and more healed planet to live on, to make the suffering dissipate and replace it with love. It is such an overwhelming task if you look at it through human eyes. When you look at it through the eyes of spirit and the eyes of love, however, nothing seems unachievable. Remember, in the spirit realm we are all strong and can do anything. We don’t question, we don’t doubt and we certainly don’t whine about it. Our spirit embraces challenge and when any challenge is done through the face of love, our spirit grows stronger.


I would like to challenge each one of you to think about what your purpose is here in this lifetime and don’t be afraid to share it with others by writing it in the comments section below. We are all here to help each other, to assist in the wonderful spiritual growth that we were brought back here to take care of.


My path is one of healing, loving, teaching and counseling. My path is an amazing path that allows me to do intuitive readings for others, teach them about their spiritual awakening and manifesting the life they desire, counsel them when they are stuck in the dramas of the everyday outside world and occasionally in their own household. My path is to give with a loving heart. My path is to bring others a knowing and a silence of inner being, to teach them to listen to their inner voice, to connect with their guides and to love all no matter what the circumstances. My path is to teach forgiveness – the most difficult of all the lessons as without forgiveness of self and others, there can never be unconditional love.


My path is to share with you and let you know how much I love and appreciate every one of you for supporting me and teaching me life lessons as well.


Thank you for I am forever grateful that I have met you on my path.


Namaste, love and light to you all.


Sheri Baldiwn, RT



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