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Why Do Bad Things Keep Happening To Me?

One of the big questions which I get from clients is "Why do bad things keep happening to me?".  There are many different answers that could be presented on this, however there is a very simple explanation if you close your eyes and breathe.

As I looked for the deeper meaning of the question, nothing came to me, my mind was blank.  I was told, "you are trying too hard, you are looking for something that isn't there."  How many of us are going through life trying to analyze everything that goes wrong in our life?  How many of us look for the deepest meaning of something that has gone wrong only to find out the answer was the simple one that we shook off because we thought, 'it can't be that simple, there has to be more'.  

As life moves forward, I have found that there are simple answers to every dilemma in our lives however with this new age, technical, must know the meaning of life attitude, we are never satisfied with the simplest information that comes.

Why do bad things keep happening to me?  Look at this question and how it's worded.  "BAD" and "ME" in the same thought or verbal sentence.  We have proclaimed that this will continue by stating "KEEP HAPPENING" with these two other words.  We have proclaimed our future with these words so it will continue in this manner until we switch gears. 

Did you know everything that happens, truly does have a reason.  Either we have created it with our thoughts, words or actions or it has been presented to us because there is an amazing blessing that is going to come out on the other side of thi.  This will only happen if we continue to walk through the issue with confidence that this is for a Higher purpose and knowing the best is coming on the other side of the battle.

Each time something comes up, there is a reason.  Each time we walk through the issue that comes up, with a knowing that this is temporary and all is well and in Divine order, we put ourselves in alignment with spirit and God. We put ourselves in a place that we will be greatly rewarded on the other side of the trial that comes up. 

A well known pastor taught me that when you are close to manifesting a dream, 'stuff' 'crap' 'ego' 'the enemy' etc. will come against you in droves.  The bigger the blessing or item you are manifesting, the bigger the walls and blocks that will try to knock you down.  If you can walk in peace through them, keep your heart on the truth of what is to come, the wait, the pain, the crap in life, will be worth it.  Do not give up when that first wall comes up. Do not give up when the second or third wall comes up.  There is a reason, and the reward on the other side of these will be great.   You will ascend to a higher level in your spirituality, you will manifest a bigger blessing. Be patient with yourself and the circumstances when they are not going in the direction you wish them to. 

Also know that the timeline is not your timeline.  This can go on for many years.  This is simply a stepping stone to your greatness and if it lasts 1 year or 10 years, it will be worth the challenge.  I know what I speak of, I have been through the depths of pain, loss, abuse and nothingness, however when I realized that this was merely stepping stones to the wonderful outcome I would have in my life, all changed and all of that 'stuff' from the past, is simply that - the past, and it is not holding me back from obtaining my blessings which are many.

If you can walk through the fires in life and not seek revenge, hold onto bitterness, hate or self pity, watch out because you are going to have a life that exceeds all your expectations.  I am proof.  Blessings will flow as will abundance.

Blessings to you always

Sheri Baldwin

Soaring Free Spiritual Healing Centre

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