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Words - Dangerous or Blessed

Watch your thoughts, for they become words.

Watch your words, for they become actions.

Watch your actions, for they become habits.

Watch your habits, for they become character.

Watch your character, for it becomes your destiny.

Many of you are familiar with the above words originally written by Frank Outlaw.  However, how many of you truly believe, listen and act accordingly? 

On a daily basis, I hear people affirming their sickness, affirming their poverty, affirming their failures, affirming the failed destiny of their children or spouse, and so much more.  At times I just want to grab them and scream - listen to what's coming out of your mouth! 

One of the areas that I find that so many of my students have holding them back is what's in their mindset about how their life has always been a certain way and will never change.  Well if that's where your thoughts are, yes that's what the outcome will be. 

For those of you with sickness, take time to affirm "My chains are gone and I've been set free."  When someone asks you how you're feeling, tell them "I feel wonderful" - even if it isn't the truth of your reality, say it, state it and soon you will find that it will be so.

When you're hurting so deeply inside that you feel you are nothing but a failure, say out loud to yourself "I am an amazing person.  I am blessed." and soon it will be so.

When you've lost a job that was your security and you are full of fear for your financial ends and future, say "I am being prepared for a much better opportunity which is allowing me to achieve my dreams and goals.  I am becoming financially fit."

When your child is bringing you to the end of your rope, say "This child is a blessing from the Most High and (name of child) will be successful and amazing." 

You may say, "But how do you expect me to think or verbalize these things when they simply aren't true?"  It is so easy.  When you are thinking, verbalizing, acting, being in the habit of negativity, hurt, pain, depression, woes, you are creating more of the same.  You are receiving what you have declared for yourself.

Today - Stop!!!! Not one more negative thought, statement, action or habit.  Your character is about to change for the better and you alone are the only person that can control this.  You are responsible for your destiny.  It is so true.

Today, you are to believe in yourself and believe that you are amazing, beautiful, perfect, talented, gifted, blessed and any other positive thought that you can come up with.  Tell yourself everyday as you look in the mirror how amazing and blessed you are.  Tell yourself how loved you are.  Tell yourself how perfect your life is and how it will continue to be abundant in love, finances, success, and all that you can think of for yourself. 

Believe in the power of you as only you are responsible for your destiny. 

Love & light to you all, Sheri Baldwin

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