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Your Unique Talents

As we go through life, we are constantly learning lessons. Most of these lessons came from negative events that happened throughout our life and yet there are some people that still do not realize that the abuses, the mistakes, the atrocities in life are all here for a reason. Each negative event taught us something. It is there in the back of our mind and we can turn all of this around to get out there and help someone else to move through similar aspects of their life. However, there is a catch. We can only teach another once we have dealt with, accepted and forgiven the event that happened to us.

Through these events, we are being given special talents unique to each one of us. These talents, of course, are to be shared or used to fulfill our life purpose and give of oneself to others. Universe has instilled many talents in each one of us. Have you found your true talent yet? Have you felt the correlation between your past events and your current soul purpose yet? Are you still stuck in this area? Where are you at right now with this?

As many of you already know, I experienced abuse of all areas as a child and an adult, I experienced rape, loss, death of a child, suicide resulting in the loss of a stepson, failures in so many different areas. I truly had no passion for life. What changed for me correlated to the failure of my last marriage and a failed suicide attempt by me. I lost all desire to be here and felt I was a total failure in life. I had been chasing what other people wanted for me, what I thought other people wanted for me. There was no 'me'. I kept making the same mistakes over and over again. I continued to attract the same types of people into my life. I was continuously experiencing the same negative results into every situation. During my three day black out time from this suicide attempt, I was being downloaded with the messages that I could not hear when I was in my awake and living mode. The angels filled me with so much information and made it clear that it was not my time and they were sending me back. My work was not done here on earth and I was not being allowed to leave.

It was after that defining moment that I realized that all that happened to me was because I was here to help others through the same areas of their life and do it with a compassionate heart. I was to teach people how to find their own life purpose. I was here to help people find the answers they seek to change their life, without giving the answers. So I started to study. I was already an avid reader and meditated daily. As I released all that had happened in the past, the messages became clearer each time they were given. I sat down and wrote my Spiritual Awakening E-Course - Connection To Your Source as a result of the changes that happened during this period. Recently, after a more in-depth look at my life and how I could serve others, I updated the same course and it became a part of me. I felt the content feeling inside that this is what I was to do for others - to teach.

What are your unique talents and what is the source of them? What happened to you in your life that you have overcome in order to be of service to others? What is the passion that drives you? Your unique talent comes from this drive. Your thoughts must be positive and the events in your life must be completely forgiven and let go. The answers are all right in front of every one of us - it is how we listen (or don't listen) that shapes our life. Are your angels and guides talking to you? Are you hearing them? Are you listening? Are you ignoring your instinct or that little voice that warns you of danger or wrong because ego is trying to take over your life and decisions?

Remember to live and love in your life. Remember that each one of you has a unique talent or several unique talents and it is up to you to use them to your Highest good.

Namaste and blessings always,

Sheri Baldwin, RT

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