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For those that would like to speak to me live, click on the Click4Advisor button below and follow the instructions. This option allows you the ability to choose the number of minutes you wish to speak. The cost is $4.44 per minute and there is no minimum fee. If you would like an emailed reading, a call back reading or one of the numerous other available services, go to the Products tab and click on the one that appeals to you.

For those seeking a specific time - 1 hour, 45 minutes or 30 minutes, these options are also available through the Products section via PayPal or for Canadian clients - etransfer, VISA or MasterCard.  

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Take a moment to sign up on the member's page of Soaring Free Spiritual Healing Centre. This will enable you to enter into draws for free readings, angel messages and be notified of upcoming events.

Welcome to Soaring Free Spiritual Website

Welcome to Soaring Free Spiritual Healing Centre where questions can be asked and answered, lives can be enhanced and through the guidance of the spirit guides and angelic messengers, thus allowing us to change this world for the better.

Are you beginning your spiritual journey and looking for answers? Are you confused about what is expected of you or what steps you need to take to make this journey easier to understand and less confusing? You have the tools within you, let me show you how to enhance them and use them in your daily life.

Would you consider yourself about mid way through your path? Do you know without a doubt that this is the path you were chosen to be on, however you are still hitting brick walls or blocks that set you back? Are you not quite sure what your life purpose or soul purpose is or how to discover it? You have the tools within you, let me show you how to enhance them and use them to discover those answers that elude you.

Are you well into your journey and still hit road blocks and walls that set you back? Have you done everything you were taught or read about, and yet still have not been able to manifest your dreams or desires? These tools are within you as well. The teachings of The Secret were not the complete teaching. You cannot sit and repeat e.g. "I am a millionaire", over and over and do nothing to create the experience. There is a process to developing your dreams, your goals and living your absolute best life. You have the tools within you, let me show you how to achieve all you wish to achieve in this lifetime.

Source does not want us to be poor. Universe is abundant and when we make statements such as "Well if God would have wanted me to have this or that, I would have it" That is like making a statement that God wanted war or God wanted famine because both of them exist. Source wants us to achieve and succeed. The Master wants us to be good examples to represent the world from a place of love, peace and yes even prosperity.

Through years of experience, teaching and learning, the knowledge being used though this site offers assistance with all levels of spiritualism. Everyone needs tools in their life to advance and grow. The experience and wisdom you can derive from the site will give you beneficial tools to follow your path, your dreams and achieve them.

If you are looking for messages from your spirit guides or angelic messengers and have not been able to access them on your own, we offer the options of a single question reading or a full reading which will hold several important messages for you. The readings which you will receive from this site, are never fear based. They always come from a place of love. When you order a reading, which is specific to you and your needs, you are not cut off the minute you receive it. If you have questions about any aspect of the reading - ask away. Email them to and all will be answered. The readings are done via automatic writing from whatever information your guides and angels want to send.